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By good fortune I’ve traveled all over the world and I know the professional rates and variable quality in Amsterdam, São Paulo, Singapore, etc. Those that stay, mostly looking for cash up front for sex.Remember the average rate on humaniplex for a session with an extremely attractive college age girl is 0 and on The Erotic Review you can get a session with a girl who looks like a super model for 0, than common sense dictates that 00 a month is not a reasonable market rate for a sugarbaby.And let’s be honest, the number of guys who can pay 60K annually on an aftertax basis (meaning 120K annually of there income) is a very small fraction of the population. But in our experience, the data is far from “nonsense.” Sugar dating is not as simple as an hourly pay-for-play – the best sugar babies are trusted confidantes and companions and provide emotional benefits that go beyond a physical “session.” In many ways, SBs are like drama-free girlfriends for very busy and successful men.I was contacted repeatedly by girls all over the world, which makes zero sense on a dating site, but makes sense if the girls are looking for money to be sent to them.The site Whats Your offers the “generous” opportunity to go on dates with the “attractive” — for a price.But it’s not wise to assume that your experience is everyone else’s. Hi Caitlan, My life experience being involved in this life style for nearly a decade (long before easy access to the SB market [as that’s truly what it is, a market, and it goes both ways] is factually inline with Brett’s perspective.As an experienced SD I’ve learned many lessons from my multitude of arrangements -from my longest arrangement of 3 years, another over 2 years, my migration to semester-long arrangements with attractive, fit, academically intelligent, open-minded women that are genuine in exploration and expanding their boundaries.

Perhaps in the larger cities you could filter things down to a few worthwhile candidates, but would spend a fair amount doing it. While the concept of the site is intriguing, and a few of the girls on WYP are demonstratively genuine, there are countless more that are not, and appear to be fake profiles produced by the site itself.My evidence for this is the number of extremely attractive girls who presumably go to the supposed trouble of posting very public pictures of themselves on a 'sugar daddyish' site (often in bikinis), made an offer to me (causing me to buy credits on the site to be able to interact with them), and then, do not respond at all, or respond minimally (think: "hi"), when I initiate conversation.This makes little sense, given the girl is presumably trying to earn money for a date.Moreover, the profiles are often of girls who look 'too good to be true' (model like pictures, too many girls in provocative poses).The profiles are often remarkably similar to one another, typically with one line suggestive answers to the prompted questions. Moreover, some of the profiles are of what I would refer to as, 'cam girls'--girls not wanting to meet up, but rather, looking for you to send them money for online interaction of some kind.

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From the standpoint of anthropology and sociology, dating is linked with other institutions such as marriage and the family which have also been changing rapidly and which have been subject to many forces, including advances in technology and medicine.

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  1. Hi Im 5'8 & 80kgs, just letting you know Im not a big man. Im not really a party person, I more enjoy one on one with a female friend. Im looking for a friend, someone to talk to, have a coffee, go to a movie or a show, just hang out.