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So we as fans have to choose to give them (Arwen)their privacy and let them try to have a friendship..despite our feelings.Also Georgia seems to want to let us know ..he's her man now.kinda gets on my nerves but i think she may feel..overlooked or disrespected but i don't think that is fan's intention.King Arthur is there, too, and sweet Merlin (Colin Morgan) even gets a few scenes but mostly you will find your eyes drawn to either the evil Morgana, Queen Gwen, or the muscle-bound knights wielding pickaxes.Taking charge at home while the knights try to slay Morgana is Angel Coulby’s Queen Gwen.In 2002, Colby appeared in numbers of the television series, she was featured as Kylie Riley in television series Having It Off and in a British medical drama series Casualty as Sally.As PC Louise Fraser, Coulby made her acting presence in a two-part British television drama The Second Coming.Career Angel Coulby made her acting debut from the episode Exorcism: Greyfriars Cemetery 1 of series f Scariest Places on Earth where she was featured as a student who had an encounter with a ghost.Later in 2011, Colby appeared in the character of Shiv in a British television sitcom, where she made her appearance for four episodes of the series.

Coulby was also been active several dramas from her student life and has also involved in several acting pieces of training.

I really thought they werte dating, which made me such a happy bunny, but if you llok at Georgia Kings twitter account,she talks about 'looking for waterfalls'. And the twitter stuff could just mean they are still good friends. As to B & A, I'd say there's a good amount of indications that they are, but I think we'll be kept guessing for some time.:) I think they did date previously. We see them and they are too hot together and we think..not?

She is presently on holiday, what with her past history with Bradley and the mention of Saturdays episode, makes me think these two could Still be a couple. I think this would be consistent with fans stating there was a year where they seemed disconnected. They have resolved whatever issues and i think they have moved on. Maybe thou it caused too much drama on the set when they went thru whatever occurred.

Angel’s parents always have been supportive of her acting career.

Angel moved to Edinburgh for her degree in acting at Queen Margaret University.

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She is best known as Queen Guinevere “Gwen”Pendragon in the BBC fantasy series Born on 30 August, Angel grew up in north London.

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