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Yes, there are a trio of beds onstage, but so are there in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Then as now, Ayckbourn is more interested in human foibles than in fornication.

Voilà APT, which features such actors as well as a newly revamped stage, able to accommodate the nearly 300 entrances and exits in this complicated play.

11), the intricate work is indeed "That ‘70s Show" as produced the ‘70s, by the famously repressed nation that brought you “No Sex Please — We’re British” and Monty Python.

Despite its provocative title, the gently antic “Bedroom Farce” is almost devoid of sex, though not of sexual jealousy.

Given the myriad hopping into and out of the sack in “Bedroom Farce,” you’d think the show worthy of an R rating.

But if Alan Ayckbourn’s 1975 comedy did get one, it would stand for “Retro,” not “Restricted.”Seen here in a crisp period staging by the Huntington Theatre Company (at the Boston University Theatre through Dec.

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A great potpourri in which Eros is noticeably absent; a potpourri lacking the refinement of the libertine. ‘To enjoy without restraint’, said the anarchist slogan of May ‘68.

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