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Hearing the local punk Queen Boadicea is throwing a party, Enn crashes the fun and discovers every horny boy's dream; gorgeous foreign exchange students.When he meets the enigmatic Zan, it's lust at first sight.When the dark secret behind the rite is revealed, our galaxy-crossed lover Enn must turn to Boadicea and her punk followers for help in order to save the alien he loves from certain death.The punks take on the aliens on the streets of London, and neither Enn nor Zan's universe will ever be the same again.Needless to say, the Nigerian uses a false identity and the commission fee is lost for ever.

Under the spell of the Sex Pistols, every teenager in the country wants to be a punk, including our hopeless hero Enn.

The document may be signed by Simon Perchard and contain the name Brian Mc Clure.

Be aware that, despite the fancy crests and legalese, there is no such company at this address For many years Nigerian criminals have targeted people around the world with stories about liberating millions of dollars, once the property of a toppled dictator or a deceased expatriot.

The first words out of your mouth should to be, “I know you’re busy, and may I have three minutes of your time? If you start talking and don’t immediately request a specific amount of time, people are already impatient.

Here are three ways to motivate decision-makers to give you a chance in the all-important first minute.

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But it can be demoralizing to keep running into people who run the other direction as soon as they see you coming.

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