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But why am I so attracted to/okay with dating a man so much older than me?

Is there any real correlation between dating older men and daddy issues?

Many of us know women like this, and unfortunately, some of us have been this kind of woman.

This question may be a little awkward but I am curious about the psychology on this one... Well I am 20 and female and I'm dating a man 21 years older than me. I don't wish to get into it too deeply but just to scratch the surface I do not at all...Now I am married to a man who is 10 yrs older than me.10 yrs doesn't seem like that much compared to 21 yrs but it's still quite a difference. At first when we were dating I worried a lot about why I wanted to be with him.One of the most popular Instagram accounts, Daddy Issues, boasts over 3 million followers, and pokes fun at itself by posting memes about being “undateable” and preferring to be alone, rather than going out and trying to find a relationship.But in this case, adopting and using the label does little to help women take ownership of it.

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Society makes it hard for women to own what belongs to them.

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