Dell inspiron 1501 updating issues Lava dating site

if not, check what the drive mode set to IDE or AHCI, you might have to switch this parameter for HDD to be recognized properly.

Alright, this is an old Windows XP 32 bit 1.8GB RAM laptop, with 120GBs of HDD, I believe 1366x768, don't quote me.

I would like to spend some dough to upgrade it, I tried a pirated WIN 7 os (relax, just seeing if it runs swell enough to buy it) and I was wrong, dead wrong.

I have an Inspiron 1501 that I've installed 64bit Windows 7 on.

I'm running the flash utility as an administrator and I've tried all of the compatibility settings.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try to update the BIOS on this machine?

Indications of a failed POST include: Note: For Dell Latitude laptop PCs, you may try to recover the PC using the forced e PSA method.

Then swap your original drive back to use your 64-Bit Windows. Later, I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and I have no problems at all.It's running beautifully, but I am stuck trying to update the BIOS.Dell only provides the Windows BIOS flash utility and when I try to run that I get the Error Code: 1275 which I've narrowed down to being an issue with 32 vs. I've tried using my USB DOS boot drive but the BIOS utility complains that it will not run in DOS.On Desktops the front panel of the computer case has LED near the power button.Try the following steps to resolve a desktop no-powering situation: On Notebooks this indicator may be a lighted power button or it may be an LED located at the upper part of the keyboard or along the front edge of the computer itself.

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