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The bass was so damn popular that you would see ads that read “Band Looking for Fender Bass Player”.It was a distinction that grew out of a way for band leaders to let the bass player know that he could leave his upright at home.Interestingly I believe that Ricks are to Fender and Gibson guitars what Vox is to Marshall and Fender amplifiers. The first time I saw the Rick 4001 was on the cover of Magical Mystery Tour.

Purchased new 15 years ago, always stored in original case and is in great condition.

In Cliff Richard's band, the Shadows, though, there was a skilled and cantankerous bass player, Jet Harris.

His presence gave them a rough edge and Harris continued with this persona, which was the real thing, once he was sacked from the group and had become a solo star.

Born in 1939, Terence Harris was born in Kingsbury and raised in Willesden, the only child of Bill and Winifred Harris.

Because he was a good athlete, his schoolfriends named him "Jet".

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