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Last month I wrote about regular expressions in Java, today I’ll show you how to use regular expression in Java Script to validate email address.Here is the code to validate email address in Java Script using regular expression.On the final line we call test method for our regular expression and pass the email address as input.If the input email address satisfies our regular expression, ‘test’ will return true otherwise it will return false. You can call this method whenever you want to validate email address.A question like this (rather vague, with no language/regex flavor indicated) requires a very long, or at least a very organized answer dwelling on each flavor.^ : start of string [ : beginning of character group a-z : any lowercase letter A-Z : any uppercase letter 0-9 : any digit _ : underscore ] : end of character group * : zero or more of the given characters $ : end of string is somewhat broader, and will match other sorts of unicode characters as well (thanks to Jan for pointing this out).So if you're really intending to match only those characters, using the explicit (longer) form is probably best.

Having a-z and A-Z means that both lowercase and uppercase letters are allowed.This regex will tolerate the form XXX XXX XXX, XXXXXXXX or XXX-XXX-XXX. Since every part of a path is separated by a \ character, we only need to find the last one.Note that there's just no way to check if the last portion of a path is a file or a directory just by the name alone.The char Set/num Set range for the desired language can be specified. Are you trying to craft a regular expression for an input to validate it is a numeric value?

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