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It doesn’t, hasn’t, and won’t indicate that you are any less capable or deserving of love then any one else - AND DON”T LET ANY ONE EVER TELL YOU OTHERWISE.It will always be a bigger deal to you then to anyone else.So someone, somewhere, is monitoring this stuff - although clearly not closely enough to censor a picture of an entire arm, scars layered upon scars, some fresh, others healing.The most disturbing image is that of a lithe young thing who has marked herself up in black pen, like a surgeon’s marks on a patient who’s about to go under the knife.

This situation won’t stop me shopping in Tesco, nor do I want the member of staff involved to be reprimanded; it could have happened in any store, anywhere in the country.

Anyone who actually cares about you will accept you as you are in this regard, and you can’t and shouldn’t accept anything less.

That’s all it took to create an account on the social networking website Tumblr and find a notice telling me how to slit my wrists most effectively; how I can make them almost impossible for doctors to stitch up.

Remember: this moment will pass; you won’t always feel the way you do right now.

In the hospital I work in now, the policy is ‘bare below the elbows’, which means I have to have my arm on show - but again, I make up excuses, because I know that not everybody is comfortable with the idea of openly talking about mental health It has taken me over six months of therapy to finally feel comfortable in myself, and to have the confidence to not worry about covering my arms – which have self-harm scars on them - in public.

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I am sure that the member of staff didn’t mean to discriminate, and potentially thought she was helping me, or even preventing a suicide attempt.

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