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Android apps such as Cliqz use Web View to display web content.

It is a prerequisite for some website functions to work – similar to Java on the desktop.

This may result in applications that rely on Web View not functioning properly.

To avoid this, you should always keep Web View up-to-date.

I just want some clarification on whether I will have problems with android updates or is this 'out of date' in terms of updates and apps.

dont mean to be rude but its a 2012 edition you said....

Text views display these category names from the video database.

For example both the Note1 and 2 received only 1 update that I am aware of to date. One update after the initial release and that never happened (just a lot of broken promises.) beyond this: I have since purchased the S5 (mistake) which after just over a month of use, all the pictures and videos (no other files) disappeared.

The Note 10.1 just got its update so don't expect another one. This is obviously a software issue, so I TRIED to contact samsung "support" both through phone and e-mail.

You can customize the header to include additional views in a more complex layout.

In the last month we’ve learned about two vulnerabilities that affect the Android Open Source Project browser.

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Please note: Until the update is complete, you will not be able to use your Black Berry smartphone.

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