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The Shaq-Javale Mc Gee beef is a mainstay of the current NBA landscape, dating back to when Shaq would routinely clown Mc Gee on "Shaqtin a Fool," a Shaq-hosted TNT segment dedicated to exposing the worst plays in the league.

But now the 7-foot Mc Gee has reinvented himself: he's on a winning team, the Golden State Warriors, actually plays solid minutes, and fits into the Warriors system as someone who can play above the rim on the offensive end.

Mc Gee did not find the parody nearly as humorous as O’Neal’s TNT co-hosts, Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley, and fired off a series of angry tweets in response.

The Nuggets took a big hit at center Sunday with the announcement that starter Ja Vale Mc Gee will be out indefinitely because of a stress fracture in his left tibia. Friday night’s game at Phoenix, however, was the tipping point.

Shaq praised Mc Gee for his improved play, but Mc Gee wasn't impressed by Shaq's sudden change of opinion and expressed himself on Twitter.

Shaq and Mc Gee then went back and forth; the exchange culminated in Shaq threatening to "smack the s**t" out of Mc Gee.

Ultimately, it’s a show about family, love and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son; all seven feet of him.On Friday, a day after Ja Vale Mc Gee and O’Neal squared off on Twitter over a parody video of the Golden State center, the Wariors lobbied Turner Sports to curb its negative coverage of Mc Gee, ESPN reports.O’Neal’s regular taunting of Mc Gee on TNT’s popular “Inside the NBA” program is “doing unnecessary damage to Mc Gee’s reputation,” the Warriors told Turner Sports, according to ESPN’s reports.I felt sort of sorry for him because people say he isn’t the brightest guy and would talk about how lack of basketball skills on the court.It may not hurt his feelings, but as my friend, I felt for him.

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