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[It's] Nothing serious at all," a source told Entertainment Tonight. Charlotte has had enough of him," the source added. And so I find myself chatting to the 39-year-old star while sitting on the edge of a bath.

Carl’s Jr.’s blonde bombshell Charlotte Mc Kinney spent her Tuesday, Sept. According to an eyewitness, the genetically gifted duo were thoroughly enjoying each other’s company on the Malibu pier. PHOTOS: Shirtless hunks “They were all over each other — holding hands and getting touchy-feely,” the source tells Us of Mc Kinney, who was clad in a denim shirt and white shorts, and Eastwood, who opted for striped board shorts.If anyone needs me, I’ll be smoking e Cigs and duct-taping my penis together so it doesn’t shatter like a frozen pipe the second Charlotte Mc Kinney makes eye contact with me then tells her bodyguard it’s that weird guy from the internet again. “Wear goggles,” I’ll hear her say as a ringing fills my ear and people clutch their children in horror. For actors, the word comeback can be so harsh, implying a rebound from a career reduced to car dealership openings or shilling Ozarks time-shares on cable.(It all started when Dorff allegedly cut in front of Piven.Seriously.) Now with Coppola's gorgeous film Somewhere, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival, we remember why Dorff was famous in the first place: He delivers a mesmerizing performance as Johnny Marco—an actor, Chateau Marmont resident, and, well, Dorff-esque Hollywood boulevardier who finds his life and career at a crossroads.

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