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Most of the time, Joe Kelly doesn't have to peek at the radar gun.No, the burn of a baseball's stitches against the tips of his fingers -- "That tug out of your hand when everything is going right," Kelly says -- usually tells him whatever he needs to know about how hard he's throwing. When the ball doesn't speak to the Boston Red Sox reliever?He is the son of an African American man and a Caucasian woman, yet most people would never guess.Derek does not try and hide his heritage and is quite proud of both his parents.He was a journeyman, traveling from team to team, a man bursting with potential, full of love to give and yet never staying long enough to fully give it.We take a look back: It all began with the then Queen of the music world, Mariah Carey. He was the handsome, rising star of the goddamned New York Yankees—a shortstop, no less!The most common question asked by people searching for information on baseball memorabilia. " Along with other signed items there are too many factors involved to simply answer this question with a price.

Using ticket & tax prices, the name of the printing company, team logo, game number, team presidents, series letter ticket color, and ticket design these tickets can be narrowed down to a specific year.

Usually when someone has a black lineage the trait is obvious.

But these biracial celebs have such light skin, it can be nearly impossible to tell that they are actually half black.

That's some serious speed -- or as Hall of Fame closer Dennis Eckersley puts it, “high cheddar with some hair.” That's not half-bad for a 28-year-old converted starter with a 3.82 career ERA whose brushes with fame in a half-dozen big league seasons range from a 5 1/3-inning no-decision in Game 3 of the 2013 World Series for the Cardinals to stopping for a selfie on the field with Derek Jeter during the ceremony before No. I'd be lying if I said I did."In that case, allow Kelly's college coach to say it for him.

2's final game in 2014 to making Sports Center in February by nailing a full-court shot after a basketball game at Florida Gulf Coast University."Going to the pen, in the back of my mind, it's just something that I always knew I'd get more velocity," Kelly says of his potential for triple-digit radar readings. Louis a couple times, I hit 100-101 in Houston one time at the end of a game. WHENEVER DOUG SMITH turns on his television and sees Kelly dial up 100 mph late in a game for the Red Sox, he wonders only what took so long.

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Louis Cardinals reliever Trevor Rosenthal (63) and New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman (57), according to Statcast.

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