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I've been doing it because it's heavily based on the new achievement system, so we could investigate lots of issues and implement tons of new features otherwise necessary for player achievements and scenarios.Classes are going to be balanced for the patch (5.4), and that being said, base resilience and Battle Fatigue are the only variables we can play around.If you have a big collection, you can easily browse the pets you don’t have in the collections tab to uncover the secrets of Argus.If your pet collection is a bit on the measly side, Wowhead has your back as always.In the previous devlog I already promised that this week is going to be all about your questions, so I really don't want to waste more time, there you go!Q: Do you guys plan to make the low-pop realms attractive again?

It will take a good while before I can jump onto this.In the next patch, we’re going to see several new pets from different sources, which is fairly ho-hum news.There are some new wild pets out there to tame, a few rares that’ll drop pet loot, same ol’, same ol’.Once you played your first team to level 25, the real challenges of pet battles open up: quests, achievements, scenarios and many, many more pets!The options and at times also the difficulty can be quite overwhelming, which is why we have the goal to collect and provide the best strategies here in one place.

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A: We were, and will be always completely open towards non-hungarian players.

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